Notes On Genesis

From the perspective of God as a Founder/CEO


How is God like the founder of a company?

What is God's business plan?

Has the business plan succeeded?

Misc Notes

  1. Formless and empty -> Separate Light and darkness
  2. Separate Water and Sky
  3. Separate Water and Land -> Land Produces Vegetation
  4. Lights in the Sky -> Separate Day and Night
  5. Sea life and Birds
  6. Animal life on land -> Mankind (Very Good)
  7. Rest and Reflection

God observes what is (knowledge, truth), imagines what could be (potential), speaks the potential into existence (action), reflects on what he's created (wisdom), and pronounces it Good.

Differentiation and Separation - God determines it good that there are many different kinds of things. Each with their own nature and purpose, but working together. Like a choir, Creation is many voices singing one song. It's not that light is better than darkness, but that light and darkness together are somehow more than the sum of their parts. My body is made of many different components but it's all one body. Every part is supporting all of the other parts.

Don't do things the same way as everyone else. Find something new and unexplored. See what could be and not just what already is.

It took an immense amount of complexity (wrong word but idk) or layers before mankind could be created. A whole universe has been created just to make us possible.

New things are created by combining existing things.